Hi all,
I wonder how you got here, but I'm glad you are.
Basically on this blog I will publish a bunch of pixels that generally speaking will form an image.

I am not an artist, not at all.

In my profession (which is more tech/geek/nerd oriented) I deal with a lot of art though, so I decided
to put here some stuff I do in the spare time trying to mimic the true artists I work with.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rpg, friends and real life...

Here we go, a first set of images showing my first attempt to draw and color something.
It shows three guys, actually two friends of mine and myself (the hooded one) dressed up as I imagine us in a role play fantasy game.
The middle one is supposed to be a warrior, the left one is some kind of shaman/druid guy and then me dressed up like a modern-hooded mage.
I'm trying to imaging ourselves as fantasy characters but in a contemporary world.


  1. awesome job mr.X guess you're going to draw lotza stuff to put in here.following your steps :)

    BombLaTour, Mirco and You? :D