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I wonder how you got here, but I'm glad you are.
Basically on this blog I will publish a bunch of pixels that generally speaking will form an image.

I am not an artist, not at all.

In my profession (which is more tech/geek/nerd oriented) I deal with a lot of art though, so I decided
to put here some stuff I do in the spare time trying to mimic the true artists I work with.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally Anatomy: back to skull!

Okay guys,
I've finally arranged some time to study the full human anatomy.
This will be almost designed to improve myself as a character rigger. Why? Because to proper deform a computer generated human / creature the more we know about anatomy the better.
So here we go, back to school again.
As a starting point I've decided to purchase this book, which covers almost every muscle using a 3d sculpting software called zBrush.

So stay tuned for updated (if you care of course!)

Step 01:
The boxed man. Following the first chapters of the book above I've created in Maya a simple boxed human mesh that will be exported and subdivided and then of course sculpted in zBrush:
Step 02:
The skeleton reference, this is useful when dealing with muscle insertions and boney landmarks. Is a nice little tip I've found at the beginning of the book. Also there are proportion planes took keep track of the general human proportion: height = 8 skulls.

Step 03:
Bring everything into zBrush, and we are ready to go. I guess next update will take a while :P (yes I know, this was the easy part)

Step 04:
This is the same mesh after 1 hour of sculpting. Nothing really great, I am still sketching the volumes.
There is also a 4 minute long timelapse.
Oh I love timelapses! 

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